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Trademarks, Logos and Service Marks displayed on Medideals portal are the property of their owners - Medideals Resources LLP. You are not allowed to use, reproduce, advertise, display, publish, or transmit any of the Marks without Medideals’ prior written consent and/or in absence of a written agreement between you and Medideals.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy
Medideals Resources LLP. (hereinafter "us", "we", or "our") operates the website (the "Service"). This page informs you of our policies regarding the intellectual property rights of others and that we expect our users to honor the same. We take a serious stance in dealing with intellectual property infringement claims on our websites at . We also rely on the cooperation of intellectual property rights owners.

Intellectual Property Right ("IPR") Protection
Listings of counterfeits, replicas, or other unauthorized items are strictly prohibited on our site. If any products sold bear the name or logo of a company, but did not originate from or were not endorsed by that company, such products are prohibited from the Site. Listings of offers to sell or purchase counterfeits, replicas, or other unauthorized items shall be subject to removal by us. Repeated postings of counterfeit or unauthorized items shall result in the immediate suspension of your membership.

Enforcement Actions for Intellectual Property Right Infringement
To create a quality e-commerce environment, enhancing customer experience and protecting intellectual property rights is our objective. We expect users on our site should not conduct any intellectual property rights infringement. Any infringement of intellectual property is not allowed by us and attracts penalty. Based on whether the infringement is general or serious violation the penalty and consequential actions are decided.

Serious Infringement
Trademark infringement Copyrights infringement Unauthorized use of a mark that is identical or similar to the trademark in relation to products that are identical to the products that the registration covers
Without the authorization of the registered trademark owner in the country of origin or the licensee of the owner, offer for sale or sell his/her products. Without the authorization of the copyright owner, reproduce his/ her work for offering for sale or sale, including printed materials, e-books, audio and visual recordings or software etc. Circumstances other than those mentioned above will be treated as General infringement.