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Frequently Asked Question

What is Medideals?
Medideals is a digital trading platform for medicines and FMCG.
I am a pharmaceutical distributor, can I buy and sell my products on medideals?
Yes, you can sell as well as buy products of your choice on Medideals.
I am a retailor can I buy and sell on medideals?
Yes, you can buy products of your choice but you cannot sell anything on medideals.
Do I need to pay freight charges for my purchases?
No, you need not pay freight charges as shipping is free for all the buyers.
Can I avail COD facility on medideals?
Yes, you can avail COD facility upto 90% of the value of the goods purchased by you. You need to pay only 10%in advance on confirmation of your order to Medideals.
Do I need a drug license to buy/sell on medideals?
Yes, you need valid drug licenses to buy/sell on medideals.
Will I get a gst invoice for the goods purchased by me?
Yes, you will get a gst invoice for all the goods you purchase on medideals.
Does medideals sell goods on it’s platform?
No , medideals does not sell any products on its platform. Medideals operates as inter-mediatery between the buyers and sellers.
I am a retailor ,do I need to pay service charges if I buy goods on medideals portal?
No, you have to pay the discounted price as mentioned against each product on medideals.
Can I return goods, if found damaged ?
Yes , you can return damaged goods.